Welcome to Clear Lake Farm

. . .“From a mysterious past, with proud head carriage, vibrating nostrils and whirling hooves, come the Icelandic Horses.”. . .

Clear Lake Farm (CLF) is dedicated to bringing people and Icelandic Horses together. Here:

  • Quality Icelandic Horses are bred, raised and trained to be enjoyed.
  • First Prize Stallions like the legendary Logi frá Skarði and the charismatic Náttfari vom Wiesenhof pass on their outstanding traits.
  • A variety of horses for sale is always available.
  • Riders of all levels receive quality education on well-suited school horses or with their own Icelandics. 
  • Families and friends spend memorable times at Clear Lake Cottage year round.
  • Honest customer service and excellent value are standard.

Clear Lake Farm is a place where everyone may truly experience the world of Icelandic Horses.


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